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Navigate your recruitment business challenges with ease by harnessing the power of highly-skilled Virtual Assistants from My Remote Hire.

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We provide top-tier outsourcing services for recruitment agencies, managing the recruitment, training, and deployment of Virtual Assistants. Focus on your strategic goals while we handle the mundane tasks, fostering business growth beyond your expectations.

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Some of The Platforms We Support

We support the following platform that can help you in your everyday task. We train Virtual Assistant in using the best applications in your business.

Our Process

Hiring and Onboarding

We conduct comprehensive vetting in-house, running background checks, IQ tests, personality tests, and language competency evaluations. Our onboarding process establishes a solid foundation.

Dedicated Management Included

We assign a Client Support Manager (CSM) during the onboarding phase. Your CSM will supervise the engagement to ensure daily task completion, daily reporting, and weekly catch-ups.

Regular Performance Evaluations

We conduct weekly performance evaluations fostering openness and transparency. It serves as a platform to make necessary modifications to the engagement if needed.

My 6 Figure + Agency
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Meet Carlo - The Founder

Transforming Your Recruitment Process in Just Two Weeks

Established by Carlo DeBello, a successful recruitment business owner who scaled his agency to a multiple six-figure enterprise while working less than 20 hours a week. He used this approach to save cost, run a lean team, and build a system that operates seamlessly, portraying the real advantage of hiring remote talent.

“I view myself as the best case study for My Remote Hire. I scaled GC Recruitment to multiple 6 figures and I work less than 20 hours / week only focusing on tasks I want to do and have the highest value”.

Now, I am on a mission to help you transform and streamline the way you do business. We assist you in growing your business and keeping things organized, so you can focus on high-value tasks that drive growth.

Best-in-Class Virtual Assistants

Built by recruitment business owners for recruiters & agencies

Build A sustainable recruitment agency

Build A streamlined, & efficient recruitment agency.

Here at My Remote Hire, quality trumps quantity. Our commitment is to provide such exceptional services that elevate the standards of every operation.

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With My Remote Hire, My vision is to replicate my success for other recruitment agencies, by providing superior outsourcing services powered by exceptional overseas talent.

Carlo DeBello - The Founder

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